What’s Cold Brew Soda?!

Imagine you had a can of your favorite soda

AND it had a shot of delicious espresso dropped into it

AND no sugar whatsoever.

Thats cold brew soda

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Haha, I had the same reaction in Tokyo when I first heard idea of coffee and soda mixed, but I found me and my friends drinking it everyday the rest of the trip, and so when I got home I just knew it had to be commercialized, I promise it’s worth a try!

  • Click here and throw in your zip code to see if we’re in your area, and if we’re not——-then order some on the website, take them to your favorite store and demand they carry us 🙈😂🙏

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  • 150mg per can. See full nutritional label on our product page!

  • There is absolutely no sugar! We use natural, plant-based sweetener monk fruit and erythritol.